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Chain of Responsibility Courses. Newcastle, Port Stephens, Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast & NSW

Upcoming Course Dates Newcastle: Wednesday 15th November

The Chain of Responsibility Courses are designed for anybody from frontline staff to supervisors and management.

TLIF0009 (Level 1 CoR). The aim of the Chain of Responsibility is to ensure that all who bear responsibility for conduct which affects compliance should be made accountable for failure to discharge that responsibility.

This level is aimed at front line workers (loaders/unloaders/packers/drivers etc).

TLIT0014 (Level 2 CoR). The Chain of Responsibility requires every responsible person in the supply chain to take positive steps to prevent Mass, Load Restraint, Dimension, Fatigue and Speed offensives. This level is aimed at loading managers/supervisors/managers to understand their obligations.

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Onsite courses available.  (conditions apply).

CoR1 $375pp

CoR2 $475pp

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