Multi Combination (MC) Automatic Course

heavy combination, Multi Combination (MC) Automatic Course

Multi Combination (MC) Automatic Course Newcastle & Central Coast

Course: Multi Combination (MC) Automatic (available to the Newcastle, Central Coast, Mid North Coast areas).

This course is for those participants who want to upgrade to their Multi Combination Licence and is conducted as a one (1) day course.

Upon successful completion the student will be able to obtain their Multi Combination (MC) licence and be able to drive MC trucks with a transmission type of automatic or syncromesh.

If you currently have an unrestricted licence, you will not lose this endorsement when upgrading in an automatic – i.e. you will still be able to drive HC or MC vehicles fitted with manual gearbox (also known as a Road Ranger, Crashbox, or Constant Mesh).

Cost: automatic MC vehicle $1950.

For further details call 0434 366 758 or email

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