Dangerous Goods License Courses in Gosford

Dangerous Goods License Training

On-going improvements to the Great Western and Golden highways have seen a considerable increase in the number of freight distribution and transportation sites throughout Gosford.

Australian law requires that any person transporting dangerous goods in Gosford must be trained in accordance with New South Wales regulations.

The Dangerous Goods License training course, delivered by CS Transport Training in Gosford, has been developed in compliance with the regulatory conditions of the Australian Dangerous Goods Regulations as outlined by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the NSW Environment Proctection Authority.

Dangerous Goods License Course (Gosford) Criteria

Dangerous Goods License Course (Gosford) Criteria

Once completed, participants will be able to understand the requirements and responsibilities involved in handling or transporting dangerous goods.

Some of the criteria covered on the Dangerous Goods Transport training course in Gosford include:

  • ADG compliance and relevant dangerous goods legislation.
  • Identifying class and subsidiary risk labels for dangerous goods.
  • Understanding information on documents for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Maintaining workplace records including declarations for dangerous goods.
  • Identifying hazards and working to minimise risks when transporting dangerous goods.

Completion of the Dangerous Goods License Course, Gosford

The Dangerous Goods Transport training course in Gosford consists of 2 days of training followed by a final exam. Once you pass your exam, you will be awarded a TLILIC001 Preparation and Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road Certificate from CS Transport Training. All that’s left then is to hit the road.


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