Transport Training Legal Requirements and How to Stay Compliant

Are you eligible to become a truck driver in New South Wales?

Are you aspiring to be a truck driver? You need to get a special licence for heavy vehicles before you are allowed to drive on Australian roads and highways. To make sure that you pass the test and assessment, it is important that you undergo training from a reputable and experienced transport training service.

More and more people are wanting to be employed as truck and heavy vehicle drivers in Australia. In fact, in 2021, truck driving was the most popular occupation in the transportation sector. This demand for truck drivers is expected to continue until at least 2026. While anyone with a driver’s licence can drive a regular vehicle in Australia, truck drivers must have a heavy vehicle licence before they can be employed as drivers in the transport sector.

What is a heavy vehicle

What is a heavy vehicle?

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) governs the use of heavy vehicles in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.

According to the HVNL, heavy vehicles have gross vehicle mass (GVM) or aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of more than 4.5 tonnes. GVM refers to the vehicle’s maximum capacity when loaded. Heavy vehicles include semi-trailers, road trains, vehicle carriers, and other vehicles that transport goods across the country.

There are five types of heavy vehicles. These are light rigid vehicles (LR), medium rigid vehicles (MR), heavy rigid vehicles (HR), heavy combination vehicles (HC), and multi-combination vehicles (MC). Each truck requires a specific type of driver’s license.

How to become a heavy vehicle driver

The first step is to obtain a driver’s license from the state-level licensing authority and gain driving experience for at least one year.

Next is to learn how to drive a specific heavy vehicle. Obtaining a special licence requires that the aspirant driver knows how a heavy vehicle works. Therefore, they must enrol in a heavy vehicle training course to familiarise themselves with the truck they intend to drive.

Lastly, apply for a special licence for heavy vehicle licence. Pass the test and assessment to get the licence to drive a specific truck.

A Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test is required for all new applications for a truck driver’s licence. All the information the driver needs to pass the test is available in the driver’s handbook provided during the application.

After passing the test, applicants need to complete the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment. The registered training organisation administers this. The assessment will determine the applicant’s ability to drive his vehicle of choice under a wide variety of driving conditions.

What are the eligibility requirements for heavy vehicles?

  • LR and MR licence. To be eligible to apply, the driver should have been a holder of an Australian car driver licence (class C licence or equivalent) for at least 12 months.
  • HR licence. Holders of an Australian car driver licence (class C licence or equivalent) for at least 24 months are eligible to apply for this type of licence.
  • HC and MC licence. The applicant must be licenced to drive an MR or HR for at least 12 months before they are qualified to apply for HC and MC licence.
Why transport training courses

Why transport training courses?

Here are some reasons to go through professional training.

To gain in-depth knowledge of truck driving

Truck drivers carry cargo to and from different parts of the country. As such, they should know the road safety regulations and have basic knowledge when it comes to vehicle inspection and maintenance. They should also know the safety guidelines for handling dangerous goods.

According to the HNVL, heavy vehicle drivers are also expected to know and comply with the Chain of Responsibility, handling freight containers and container weight declarations, vehicle standards and modifications, and many more. By undergoing training in transport, drivers become familiar with their future duties and responsibilities as truck drivers.

To increase employability

Truck drivers in Australia earn an average of $65,000 to $85,000 annually. While formal qualifications are not required, training in heavy vehicle driving can improve a person’s employability.

Courses on transport training help drivers learn the basics of driving a heavy vehicle. Once enrolled in transport courses, aspiring drivers have dedicated instructors who guide them to make sure that when they successfully obtain their licence. They are properly trained and guided so that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to drive trucks.

Truck driving is not just about driving; the driver also needs to have adequate knowledge about the cargo they are carrying and delivering. This is addressed when a person enrols in a driving course for heavy vehicles.

To improve a person’s skills.

Courses and training in transport can increase a driver’s skill set. Those who are looking to pursue career paths in the trucking sector will be able to expand their horizons and open up more job opportunities for them because of the training provided for by transport services training courses.

Undergo training before applying for a licence

Undergo training before applying for a licence

Australia’s trucking industry is thriving. Over the past year, it has contributed greatly to the country’s economy. The transport sector is expected to continue to grow in the next few years to come.

For those looking to upgrade their skills in heavy vehicle driving, it is time to enrol in heavy vehicle transport industry training at CS Transport Training Services.

CSTT is a locally owned company with over 30 years of experience in the transport and dangerous goods industry, not just in Australia but also in the UK. CSTT services are available in Newcastle, Central Coast and the Mid North Coast.

Potential courses to enrol in include truck driving courses like the heavy combination automatic HC Truck Licence course, Heavy Combination HC Road Ranger, MC Multi Combination Automatic course, HR Heavy Rigid Training and Assessment and MR Medium Rigid Training and Assessment.

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