Truck Driver Fatigue and Management

Truck Driver Fatigue

How Chain of Responsibility and Fatigue Management training can reduce risks and increase awareness of the signs associated with truck driver fatigue.

The job of a truck driver is not easy, a small mistake can lead to loss of life as well as property. But it is natural for truckers to feel tired and strained after long hours of driving. Therefore, proper fatigue management is a necessity that can help truck drivers to outperform their counterparts in hauling freight with complete ease. Not only it will empower them to keep the roads safe, but also ensure their safety. At CS Transport Services, we can offer you advice and training on how to keep yourself or your drivers safe on the road.

If while driving the truck you encounter various signs such as: blurry vision, difficulty to keeping your eyes open and shifts in moods – then it is high time to manage fatigue efficiently. The good news is you can implement various techniques to manage the exhaustion that might arise due to the long hours involved with driving trucks. These simple ideas will come to your rescue and ensure that neither your safety nor the safety of others is affected due to your fatigue.  


Getting training for Fatigue Management and Chain of Responsibility

In order to deal with fatigue effectively, truck drivers need to be aware of the condition first. One of the best ideas is to identify the warning signs along with the causes and effects of fatigue. A thorough understanding is key as the truck drivers can then take necessary measures to deal with the exhaustion. Here, Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training can help empower truck drivers to comprehend various aspects of fatigue so that it can be managed tactfully. A better knowledge of the causes and effects of fatigue helps to control the causes and minimize the effects of fatigue on truck drivers.

Fatigue that is experienced by truck drivers due to long hours of driving is a serious issue. It must not be taken lightly as it can have severe repercussions. According to a study conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the crash rate of drivers who sleep for less than 4 hours a day than usual was 11.5 times more than the drives who sleep for 6-7 hours a day.


What is Chain of Responsibility?

One of the most effective truck driver fatigue management ideas to consider is the CoR training. This integrated education package is designed to offer the most effective and efficient guidance to truck drivers so that they can act sensibly and responsibly on the roads.

For instance, the CoR course offered by Chris Schilling Transport Services is designed to improve the awareness of the entire staff that works in the supply chain, including the truck drivers. Such a comprehensive approach can help in the better management of fatigue of truck drivers. The icing on the cake is that the training is offered in a variety of modes including face to face mode, distance mode, and online mode. 

What is Fatigue Management?

Fatigue Management is a set of policies, procedures and training that aims to manage the fatigue of workers so as to reduce the risks associated with the activity. In the truck driving profession, Fatigue Management techniques and strategies need to be implemented on an ongoing basis. Consistency is the key as it can ensure that you can drive a truck in a responsible manner without harming yourself or others. Feeling tired and exhausted as a truck driver is natural. Chris Shilling Transport Services offers a selection of Fatigue Management training to support drivers and logistics offices in staying safe on the road.

The importance of implementing Fatigue Management strategies

Your ability to manage the fatigue that you face due to long hours of driving can really make a difference. Receiving adequate training and education on Fatigue Management can help you go a long way to deal with the problem. Proper training will help you to implement consistent strategies to deal with fatigue while driving. The comprehensive insight offered by the training into Fatigue Management will mold your behavior and actions. This training ill aid you in being able to drive your truck in a skillful manner without acting as a risk to yourself or others. 

Craig Campbell from Maven Machines said, “Drivers talk about fatigue like pro athletes talk about the injury. It’s not an ‘if’ question, but rather how you manage it when it occurs.”

In answer to that need along with training, there are a number of technology companies developing products to help keep truck drivers awake and safe, like this real-time tracker designed by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Association.

Following workplace procedure and protocols

Fatigue is a common issue that truck drivers have to deal with regularly. In order to deal with the obstacle, it is necessary to follow the workplace procedure and protocols in a disciplined manner. The employers of truck drivers need to play a responsible role and make sure that the health and safety of drivers and others are not compromised. As a truck driver, you also need to make sure that you follow the organisational policies and procedures relating to health and safety in the work setting.

Manage the level of fatigue

You have to keep a tab on your stage of fatigue so that it can be controlled promptly. In addition to this, you must ensure you take frequent breaks to effectively manage fatigue and exhaustion. The training that is provided by the CoR and Fatigue Management course ensures that truck drivers and their employers follow Fatigue Management policies in the work setting. Policies and procedures act as the guiding framework that helps to deal with the fatigue problem of truck drivers. 

Making better lifestyle choices

The lifestyle choices that you make have a direct impact on your personal and professional life. One of the main causes of fatigue in truck drivers is the lack of adequate sleep. And it is well said by Chris Hayes that “Driving tired can be like driving while intoxicated”.

Fatigue Management

Hence, you must ensure that your brain and body get proper rest before you start a journey on the road. Similarly, you must make other lifestyle choices wisely so that you can start afresh before hitting the road. For example, the food that you consume can affect how you feel while driving the truck.

Well-balanced and nutritional meals at regular intervals can do the trick for you. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary for truck drivers as it helps to remain hydrated during the journey. So you need to make appropriate lifestyle choices so that you can manage fatigue efficiently. The training solution that is provided by CoR Australia can guide truck drivers to lead an active and healthy lifestyle for improved fatigue management.

Manage fatigue and improve road safety 

Truck Driver Fatigue and Management

If you have been experiencing fatigue while driving your truck for long hours, it is necessary to consider these Fatigue Management ideas. These simple and effective techniques will help you drive in a safe and risk-free manner. You will able to identify the warning signs relating to fatigue which will help you to manage it in the best way possible. An increase in the level of awareness on fatigue and fatigue management is of paramount importance to help you deal with the problem. If you thought there was no solution to your problem, you were mistaken! You can get comprehensive help, support, and guidance from Chris Shilling Transport Services so that fatigue will no longer act as an obstacle while driving your truck for long hours. 

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