What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Truck Licence?

7 reasons to consider if you’re still contemplating about getting a truck licence

Many businesses, especially logistics companies, rely on truck drivers to deliver their goods safely and in good condition. In addition, they always want to ensure that their products are delivered on time to avoid problems with customers and clients, or worse, losing them. To do all these, they hire the most experienced drivers that have a truck licence.

These licenced truck drivers are quite in demand, thanks to the shortage of drivers that the entire world has been experiencing. This gives drivers the benefits and advantages that are mostly enjoyed by employees in this profession.

What are the benefits that licenced truck drivers enjoy

What are the benefits that licenced truck drivers enjoy?

Obtaining a truck licence can give drivers the opportunity to manage their own time, get a good salary, and more. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining a truck licence.

1. Good pay

Anyone considering a career as a truck driver should know that the salary will greatly depend on their class licence and years of experience. Nonetheless, according to Seek, a human resource consulting firm headquartered in Melbourne, the average salary for truck drivers ranges from $65,000 to $85,000 annually. 

Those who are just starting their career as truck drivers can expect a salary somewhere in the lower range. On the other hand, drivers who have several years of experience can expect a higher annual salary of up to $85,000. Drivers applying for a job just have to ensure that they have the right licence for the type of job that they are considering.

2. Flexible working hours

Some companies offer their employees flexible working hours as long as they make sure they do their job correctly and on schedule. For licenced truck drivers, this means the opportunity to spend time with their families, attend family reunions, and attend to other individual obligations. Besides, they often have the option to start work late or early in the morning.

3. Beautiful scenery along the way

Truck drivers get the chance to travel – and get paid for it. As a result, truck drivers have the chance to see and appreciate the beauty of nature around them as they travel from places to places. For some, the eye-catching scenery, marvellous view, and a breath of fresh air give them a sense of relief Sometimes, these magnificent natural wonders help them fight stress and fatigue.

4. Job security and flexibility

Many companies are looking for drivers for their uninterrupted production and delivery. Australia – and the rest of the world – is suffering from a shortage of truck drivers. This worldwide phenomenon has prompted some companies to raise their offer of up to $150,000 to entice experienced truck drivers to work for them. That is job security that some drivers might not want to miss.

In terms of job flexibility, truck driving allows one to work both intrastate and interstate. Drivers can also choose the type of vehicle that they want to operate, provided they have the necessary truck licence. This includes a heavy combination (HC) automatic, a HV road ranger, and multi-combination (MC) automatic, heavy rigid and medium rigid trucks.

5. Enjoy great benefits

Just like most companies, logistics and other trucking companies in Australia provide their employees with good benefits, including superannuation. Some bigger companies even offer bonuses and other compensation in recognition of employees who excel in their job. In light of the ongoing truck driver shortage, companies are competing with each other in order to attract the most experienced drivers. As such, some companies offer sign-on bonuses of up to $10,000 and other benefits.

6. Employee growth through training programs

One of the greatest advantages of being a truck driver is the opportunity for continuous learning. For truck drivers, specifically, having classroom lessons with a professional instructor helps them to refresh their knowledge of different road signs and traffic rules. In addition, some companies send their employees to accredited and professional driving schools to upgrade their current licence, knowledge and skills. For the employees, this gives them the opportunity for promotion and advancement of their driving careers.

7. Be in demand wherever you go.

With more than 137,000 employed truck operators, the demand for drivers is still high. Everywhere in Australia, logistics companies and other businesses are looking for experienced and licenced truck drivers.

New South Wales has the highest number of truck drivers employed at 30.8 per cent, followed by Victoria (23.1 per cent) and Queensland at third place (22.8 per cent). Meanwhile, the ACT has the least number of truck drivers on record at 0.6 per cent, followed closely by the Northern Territory at 0.8 per cent.

Obtain your truck licence from Chris Shilling Transport Training

Obtain your truck licence from CS Transport Training

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