What is an HR Licence?

An HR License can bring bigger career opportunities

To guarantee that roads and drivers are safe, Australia has rules in place to ensure that drivers have the proper licences for the cars they operate. For example, a valid driver’s licence is required to operate trucks, buses, and other large vehicles. As a result, if you want to drive a vehicle classified as a Heavy Rigid Vehicle, you must get an HR Licence.

The most significant improvement a professional driver can make is to obtain a Heavy Rigid license from a regular automobile license. Driving a Heavy Rigid vehicle is not the same as driving a car. The vehicle’s size has an impact on your road position, turning lines, halting, and navigating. These are just some reasons why undergoing transport training is fundamental.

What is an HR License?

There are two different forms of HR license awarded once you have successfully complete your Heavy Rigid Truck Training with CS Transport Training:

  • Heavy Rigid is the most typical option for persons who will not be driving crash gearboxes since it is the simplest license to get.
  • Unrestricted Heavy Rigid allows you to drive an HR vehicle equipped with a crash or road ranger gearbox, which needs double clutching to shift gears and adjust engine rpm to road speed.
When do I need an HR license?

When do I need an HR license?

An HR licence is required to operate a bus or truck with three or more axles (including a mobile crane or prime mover) and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of more than 8 tonnes.

What can a driver do with an HR license?

When you have an Unconditional License, you’ll have more most job opportunities (e.g., road rangers, manual and automatic gearboxes). If you already have an Unconditional heavy rigid truck license, you may upgrade to an HC or MC license more easily.

However, the HR Condition B is a decent entry-level truck licence for people seeking work in the road transport business. Because crash gearboxes are no longer used in many current trucks and huge vehicles, it’s quite a practical licence to get, with a wide range of career options. This is usually the alternative for those who want to drive trucks, buses, or coaches for a livelihood but do not want or require a road ranger gearbox. If you ever need to, you can quickly upgrade from this licence.

How do I obtain an HR licence?

How do I obtain an HR licence?

In New South Wales, you are required to complete a knowledge test. Then, you need to pass either the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) heavy vehicle driving test or a heavy vehicle competency-based assessment (HVCBA). Additionally, to apply for a heavy rigid (HR) licence, you must:

  • Have a driver’s licence from New South Wales.
  • Pass a heavy vehicle licence vision exam if you don’t already have your MR licence.
  • Owned a C class licence for at least 2 years or an LR or MR licence for at least 1 year.
  • Learn to operate a large rigid vehicle from a current class HR or above driver.
  • Have a confirmation letter to verify that your overseas licence (this applies only for those with overseas licence and just acquired their NSW driver’s licence).
What does an HR license course cover?

What does an HR license course cover?

The following is a typical Heavy Rigid Truck training course structure:

  • Preparing a vehicle for operation.
  • Drills from the cabin.
  • Starting the car, moving it off, shutting it off, and locking it.
  • Steering, gears, brakes, and accelerator functions are all controlled by the driver.
  • Crash avoidance space.
  • Directions and road rules.
  • Stopping.
  • Beginning from the bottom of a hill.
  • Load Procedures for a Safe Bus Stop (if course is conducted in a bus)
Benefits of an HR Licence

Benefits of an HR Licence

Did you know that the HR Truck Licence is the highest, most competent driving license available? Holding an HR licence has several advantages:

Better job stability and peace of mind

Most organisations will want to retain you as an employee since you are highly skilled and competent in your field. You do not have to hunt for a new job every time unless you choose to move to a different location.

Increased earnings or better chance of a raise

If you want to charge higher for your services, you’ll need this licence as it is regarded as the highest level of truck licence, so the compensation for a driver with such a licence will be more than for other truck drivers. If your firm recognises your credentials and strong performance, you may be eligible for a wage increase.

Improved employment opportunities

You will be able to accomplish any job that requires truck driving because you have the highest certification in terms of automobile driving. That means you can have more opportunities than other truck drivers who have not acquired an HR licence. You will be able to find more employment openings and prospects after completing your training.

What to Expect from Chris Shilling Training and Transport?

What to Expect from Chris Shilling Training and Transport?

Chris Shilling Training and Transport is a heavy vehicle training facility providing hands-on training to help you improve your abilities and obtain the information you need to hit the road with the confidence you need. We are authorised to train and assess your HR driving capabilities.

Taught by some of the country’s most experienced drivers, our range of courses has earned us a reputation across Newcastle and The Hunter Region. They are certified to train and assess first-time heavy truck drivers and guarantee a safe and pleasant learning environment. You will be able to apply for an HR licence and take the next step toward a career shift after completing our course.

Get Your HR Truck Training and Assessment at CS Transport Training

The HR Licence is just the beginning of something far more significant. Make sure to obtain your HV driver’s training and assessment from CS Training and Transport. Call us on 0434 366 758 or email chris@cstt.com.au for enquiries. Alternatively, please click here to send us an online message and we will contact you right back.

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