Road Ranger Truck

What are Road Ranger Trucks?

What are Road ranger trucks?

Freight trucks are essential modes of transportation in countries like Australia. The freight business is vital for the smooth flow of the Australian economy. The road freight industry alone generates around $50 million a year, which is a considerable part of the country’s GDP. It’s for this reason that trucking companies seek ways to ensure the smooth operations of their industry and this is achieved by improving their trucks and make them reliable. One of the significant improvements a trucking system can implement is to use the Road Ranger transmission system. Freight companies that use Road Ranger gearboxes are using a tested transmission that makes trucks more efficient.

Impact of truck reliability in the Australian Economy


Australia is a country that relies heavily on a resilient and progressive truck/freight delivery industry. According to a current survey by the Volvo group, 75% of all non-bulk deliveries in the entire country are handled by freight and trucking companies. It has been estimated that by 2030, the amount will have doubled. Australia relies more on the services provided by trucking agencies than rail transport. Australia has a road network of approximately 800,000 km. It’s a vast network of roads that crisscross the vast Australian continent. It is due to this massive road system that the preferred transportation of goods, non-bulk items, is with trucks and freight fleets. Around 1.5 million tons are delivered by the truck services annually, and it makes up 80% of all goods transported in Australia. 

The ageing Australian truck fleet

Because of the high reliance of the Australian economy on truck and freight transport, most companies are reluctant to change their truck fleet in a consistent and regular basis. There is a growing trend of companies, still using old trucks for their daily transport quotas. One reason for this phenomenon is that old trucks are heavier and sturdier compared to new ones.


That is why trucks that have proper transmission gears can be relied on even after years of constant use. The gears in Road Ranger-fitted trucks have a sound system that will ensure the transmission system will not corrode easily and thus maintain reliability and safety even if the trucks age. 

The Eaton Corporation

The Eaton Corporation is an Irish-based company that spearheaded the development of reliable transmission gears for heavy-duty vehicles. These transmissions became to be known as the Road Ranger gearbox, and are installed in almost all kinds of trucks in America and Asia. The company was founded in 1911 and throughout the years has maintained a visible presence in the automotive industry. 

What is the Road Ranger Gearbox?

The Road Ranger gearbox is an improvement in the conventional transmission system used in trucks. It solves some of the significant issues that affect the reliability and safety of freight trucks during delivery. This gear system allows truck drivers to maximise the power of the transmission without worrying about the effects of wear and tear due to constant gear changes. For years, the use of Eaton’s Road Ranger gears became a part of the trucking industry that truck drivers’ professional skills are almost gauged entirely by their ability to use the said transmission. There are several features provided by road ranger gearboxes:

A smooth gear change

The sound of gears ‘crunching’ during a gear change is an almost ubiquitous sound in a massive truck. This sound is prevalent in older transmissions where gears don’t have synchronisation features seen in modern gearboxes such as with the Eaton Road Ranger gearbox. Ensuring smooth gear changes increases the longevity of a transmission and the gears’ durability. It’s an essential feature of Road Ranger transmissions, which makes vehicles reliable during long hauls and lengthy freight travels. 

Transmission innovation

Road Ranger gearboxes have dramatically improved the quality of trucks over the years. They have provided drivers with a better transmission system that reduces problems from wear and tear. With constant improvements in transmission technology, the Road Ranger gearbox is expected to improve in quality and further enhance the serviceability of trucks in Australia and all over the world.

Efficient design

The power of these gearboxes is in their efficient design, which allows gears to move smoothly between gear changes reducing the wear and tear experience, especially when ‘crunching’ during a non-synchronised gear change. A slight improvement in the smoothness of gear changes practically changed the entire trucking industry. Nowadays, most trucks have Road Ranger gearboxes and their proficiency in using this particular gear system is used to gauge professional drivers.

Reliability of Eaton’s Road Ranger Truck gearbox

Road Ranger gearboxes are the pride of Eaton’s legacy in the trucking industry. They have become integrated to such a degree that trucks from America and Asia incorporate this transmission system. Trucks with this transmission are generally favoured for reliability and durability. They are a more efficient system that gives drivers better control of their vehicles. This helps ensure safety for the driver and lessen the need for the company to update its trucks to ensure the quality of service regularly. Trucks with the Road Ranger gearbox are more heavy-duty and have more extended longevity compared to new, lighter vehicles, which is favoured by companies that focus on prime-movers. 

Final Words

The trucking industry is one of the major economic powerhouses in Australia. More than 25% of all transport employees are employed in the trucking industry, and it is a business that is growing. Australia is a vast country with a steadily growing economy and population. Innovations made by truck designers and manufacturers are aimed to improve the quality of freight vehicles and enhance their services. Australia is a booming country with an economy that must be fed by a constant supply of goods that are delivered relentlessly by a fleet of trucks. 

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